2016 Third Sector Conference: Building Hope

The 2016 Third Sector Conference took place on Friday, January 29, 2016  @ The Hamilton Princess

The Third Sector Conference included interactive sessions, forum disussions, workshops, plenary sessions and networking opportunities

Experts and peers collaborated first-hand to strengthen the charitable sector! 


Find conference presentations and handouts here.


Impact Areas of the conference included:

  1. Capacity Building: Sessions designed to strengthen institutional structures and practices for internal program evaluation, including principles of program evaluation, logic models, evaluation design and implementation.
  2. Economics: Exploratory discussion with experts about the economy and its impact on the third sector.
  3. Governance: A panel discussion on effective Board membership including recruitment & retention.
  4. Fundraising: Fundraising Boot Camp designed to help local charities strengthen their fundraising operations. 
  5. Leadership & Professional Development: Updates on new and current frameworks, tools and strategies to increase leadership effectiveness.
  6. Legislation and Charity: Practical application and implementation of the Charities Act 2014.
  7. Digital Marketing Strategy: Designed to strengthen communication of brand and programme awareness with user-friendly and cost-effective online tools.
  8. Consolidation:  The Centre on Philanthropy unveiled a new program to assist charities with the administrative support required to facilitate amalgamation processes up to mergers.


Questions? Please contact us by phone on (441)236-7706 or email on info@centreonphilanthropy.org