The Centre on Philanthropy strives to have a Board of Directors that is representative of our stakeholder groups: Donors, Nonprofits (including faith-based organisations) and Volunteers.

To see the biographies of our Board members click on their names below.

Board of Directors

Directors Emeritus

  • Cummings Zuill - Founding Chair
  • Brian Duperreault - Chair Emeritus

Subcommittees and Chairpersons

  • Governance - Ann Spencer-Arscott: Responsible for board governance and staff compensation, this committee was instrumental in reviewing policies and procedures for our BNSC certification.
  • Audit & Risk Committee - Andrew Smith: This commitee oversees 1) the financial reporting of The Centre on Philanthropy; 2) the independent auditor; and 3) controls and risk management.
  • Membership - Graham Pewter: This commitee is responsible for managing The Centre's annual membership, sponsorship, and development campaigns. This team also creates and manages The Centre's long term funding plans.
  • Finance/Investment - Jane Edgett: This committee oversees the management of all financial matters related to The Centre on Philanthropy.
  • Advocacy and Community Engagement Committee: This committe advocates on behalf of The Centre on Philanthropy and its members through advocacy, outreach and liaison activities to acheive issues-based objectives.

Advisory Board

  • Brian Madeiros
  • Justin Freisenbruch